How to Find Password | Login Password: If you want to visit the web browser then you must know the username and password. It is necessary for Linksys, Netgear, and D-Link broadband router. It is the private IP address that is used by the router on the network. And if you would connect directly via browser then you will ask for the username and password. The username is left blank. If you have the default password, then it is easy to find. And if the router password is changed then you must think about it. Password | Find Admin Password

Are you looking for the password then follow this guide to know how to find the password credentials. Here in this article you can find the information about the default login credentials, reset the username and password for Password

Default Login Credentials

If you use the default Linksys router, then you have a chance to find the list of passwords and usernames which belongs to the particular router. In the list, you can find a lot of model numbers to have a look into the default login credentials. And if you use to access the Netgear then use the Netgear default password instead of it. As well as the D Link routers use address and if you have D-Link router with that particular address then find the default username and password from the list of the D link routers.

This is not a secure practice because everyone can have access to the admin settings. Hence it is essential to change the default username and password.

How to Find the Username and Password

Have you forgot your username and password?? then follow up this section to know how to find the Password. There is only one way to reset your modem for the factory settings. You can see the reset button on every modem. So now long press and hold the reset button for twenty seconds so that the device gets back to the factory settings. Therefore the internet connection breaks and resets the things. Password

  • First turn off all the computers, routers, modem and just unplug them from the wall.
  • Now disconnect all the wires from the router.
  • Next turn on the router and allow it completely for boosting.
  • Hold the reset button for 30 seconds and release. Now the router reboots and set for 2-3 minutes.
  • And then power off the router and then connect the computer by wire to port1 on the router.
  • Next turn on the router and allow it for booting the device.
  • The next step yo have to do is that ping the router. We can do this by clicking on the Start button —>All programs —> Accessories —-> Command prompt.
  • Now a black DOS box appears on the screen and enters When you click on the computer, you can see a list of command lines.
  • Finally, open the browser and head over to Now leave the username as empty and enter the password as admin. Hence you will lead to the router setup page.

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